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[ This song is inspiration to my journal title ]

"You are such a pussy, Knight! Sit the fuck back down!"
- Piers Nivans (my friend trying to RP him through a text message)
I am the one they call Knight on AssassinsDen.Net! I'm a fan-fiction writer, gamer, and roleplayer.

I'm a young adult - I will admit to run around screaming "I'm an adult" at younger kids. My birthday is in the summer, 'cause summer is the best season. I don't know what else to say about myself, I'm quite nice, unless you find a way to irk me. Then I'm pretty sure Piers would be like "that is one angry son of a bitch", hehehe.

This is my personal lj where I will be posting my fan-fiction, mostly for Resident Evil, and Army of Two. Some of my work may be mature, but I'll leave a warning just in case.

Most of the stories I will be posting here are going to be OC x Canon Character(s) for my fan-fiction. The OC's I'm using do belong to me.

Update days vary from time to time.
~ Knight
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[ Resident Evil ] Smores [ Piers Nivans ]

{ Smores }


Piers wasn’t sure what Snowy was up to, but he was always suckered into doing things with her. He just couldn’t say no to her. Piers eyed the chocolate bars, a plate full of graham crackers, and a bag of marshmallows on the kitchen counter.

Snowy was all bundled up and ready to head outside, “You mind getting a fire going out there?” Snowy called from the bedroom they shared.

“Yeah,” he responded. “What for?”

His question wasn’t answered right away, but Piers was already making his way out to the metal fire-pit they had out on the back porch. Piers was greeted by the scent of pine needles from the smaller evergreen’s outside.

He remembered the pile of freshly cut wood out by the house, grabbing a few medium-sized chunks to use for the fire. Hearing the door open, Piers spotted Snowy making her way out with the goodies in her arms. Chuckling lightly as she managed to shut the sliding door with her foot.

“What are we making?” He asked her once she was setting the items on the chair Snowy had pulled up next to the one she was sitting in.

“Smores, the best food known to man.” Snowy responded with a small grin.

A few minutes later, they had a nice fire going, and Snowy had just finished making the first smore of the night. She licked the chocolate off one of her fingers, “You want the first one, Piers?” She asked, holding out the treat to him.

Piers hesitated just a tiny bit, “It’s yours, you made it.” He insisted.

Snowy rolled her eyes playfully, “Dude, I’ve never seen you eat any kind of sweets,” she retorted. “Bedsides, you’ll like it, alright?” Snowy prodded, just about ready to shove the smore into his mouth.

A small smile played on the man’s lips, and he was soon reaching for the smore. He took a small bite out of it, “You like it?” Snowy asked, already in the middle of toasting another marshmallow. Piers nodded, the sweet treat made him think of winters he spent out camping with his father when he was a boy.

Luckily for him, Snowy liked to do stuff like this often – not just in the winter.

[ Resident Evil ] Scarves [ Piers Nivans ]

{ Scarves }


“Piers, why is your scarf bigger than mine?” Snowy prodded sweetly as she leaned next to the man while they sat on a bench, overlooking the leaf-covered backyard outside.

Piers rolled his eyes, “It’s not a scarf, it’s a shemagh.” He responded with a small chuckle, leaning back against the bench.

Snowy wasn’t sure what he was referring to, she knew nothing about the damn fabric he wore around his neck while they were out on the field.

But he wasn’t wearing it now, and it was pretty chilly out.

“You can borrow mine if you want.” Snowy urged once more, unraveling her fuzzy grey scarf.

Piers grinned when she handed him her favorite scarf – the one he had bought just for her on her birthday. He fingered the fabric for a few seconds before turning toward Snowy, wrapping the scarf back around her neck. Making sure it was snug, but not too tight.

“You sure you don’t want it?” Snowy asked, a puzzled expression on her face.

“Yes,” he responded, “I’m fine, you don’t have to worry.” Piers spoke, gently placing his left hand on her shoulder, and touching her cheek with his right. He ran his thumb gently over one of the scars on her cheek – which used to be a wound from a knife blade.

It was barely visible now, but Piers had been quick to save her from getting her throat slit. Sighing lightly, Piers pulled Snowy a bit closer to himself, letting her curl up next to him as they watched the leaves fall lightly from the trees.

Sanity ~ Elliot Salem

She had tried to change his mind by using the word ‘sanity’.

He was long gone from said word, but _Name_ refused to believe it. Yet, as soon as Diablo revealed himself as Elliot Salem; _Name_ felt a glimmer of hope.

Alpha and Bravo thought otherwise, as both men, and the younger T.W.O. operative known as November were tied to chairs, as well as had been beaten beforehand.

_Name_ had her hands zip-tied behind her back as she was sprawled out across the filthy compound floor.

Both male operatives were in a silent fury, as Salem had executed November right in front of them.

“_Name_, listen to us….he’s gone…” Alpha calmly pleaded with the woman who was in her early 30’s.

_Name_’s eyes glanced to November’s lifeless body sitting limply in the wooden chair across the room. Maybe Alpha was right about Salem.

The former T.W.O. operative chuckled evilly as he made his way over to a battered and beaten Mayor Cordova.

“Salem….leave him alone.” Alpha warned the man, Salem only ignored Alpha.

_Name_ was left to herself to think about November’s death, and what she could have done to stop it.

That was until a gunshot rang out.


Bravo roared furiously as the man moved away from Cordova’s lifeless body, toward the door.

“You’re a dead man, Salem – I swear it,”

Alpha spat lividly.

_Name_ did her best to keep her head, Alpha and Bravo would remember the actions Salem had committed in that moment.

He’d executed November – and now Cordova, he would pay for sure.

“Of course I am..”

Was all Salem spoke as he left the room.

Try ~ Bravo

November is my OC, I do not own Army of Two, nor its characters!


“How ‘bout a no-pants dance off?” November asked the male operative with the yellow ballistic mask.

Bravo rolled his eyes at the young woman’s question.

He and November had been separated from Alpha and Davis after two Brute’s had ambushed the four. November was starting to favor the open wound on her leg.

“You alright?” Bravo asked the woman.

November rolled her eyes in an ‘I’m fine’ gesture.

“Look, if we get out of this—we should go get some Pinkberry,” November stated.

Bravo had stopped walking and looked at her with one eyebrow raised.

“Really? Pinkberry?” He asked.

There was a slight silence before November spoke up.

“Nah, I’m just fuckin’ with ya—let’s get the fuck out of here..” She retorted.

Bravo chuckled softly as he put the woman in an affectionate head-lock as the two went to find Alpha and Davis.

Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) ~ Alpha

Something a wrote out of boredom, I own November and Davis; as they are my OC's.


Leave, wonderful leave.

The four TWO operatives had gotten some time off after Mexico, and decided to celebrate with a little bit of gaming.

PC gaming, that is.

November had picked the game; SLENDER. It was the one known as ‘Sanatorium’.

November herself was up to play it.

“Oooohhhh nnnnoooo—“

She heard Davis groan lightly in fear.

Being the jerk Bravo could be, the man had turned off the main lights in the room. It was pitch black, the only light source was the computer monitor in which the four were huddled around.

They were about five pages in before the Slender Man revealed himself around a corner.

“OH MY GOD NO—“ November shouted in terror as her hand left the computer mouse, her sudden surprise had also startled Bravo, who shouted at her to grab the mouse and keep going.

As soon as she rounded the next corner and turned around, the Slender Man had appeared right behind her.

Both Bravo and November had gotten the brunt of the jump-scare, November bolted out of the chair and left the room. Leaving Bravo behind to calm his rapidly beating heart.

November had found herself wandering through the dark halls of Davis’ beach house, and soon opened the door of one of the rooms. It was pitch black, and November’s hand searched for the light switch.

When she found it, she flipped the switch and the lights came on, revealing a sight on the bed in front of her that was not very nice to one’s eyes.

“Oh SHIT—sorry, I’ll-I’ll go now—“ November shuddered quickly as she left the room, closing the door on the way out.

November smirked, this wasn’t the first time she had seen Davis and Alpha in the buff.

Possible Idea

I may use this blog to post some fanfiction work of mine for Army of Two. I'll let you guys know what I have decided on next month.